What is the Ozone Transport Commission

The Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) is a multi-state organization created under the Clean Air Act. We are responsible for advising EPA on transport issues and for developing and implementing regional solutions to the ground-level ozone problem in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.
Ozone Transport Commission Officers
CHAIR: Melanie Loyzim, Maine
VICE CHAIR: Christine Kirby, Massachusetts


2023 Fall OTC and MANEVU Stakeholder Meeting   -   September 21, 2023
Residential Building Electrification in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Criteria Pollutant and GHG Emission Reduction Potential   -   August 25, 2023
2023 Spring OTC and MANEVU Annual Meeting   -  June 14, 2023
2023 Spring OTC and MANEVU Stakeholder Meeting   -  April 21, 2023
OTC 2016 Based Modeling Platform Technical Support Document   -  January 31, 2023
OTC MSC Letter to EPA Seeking Prompt EPA Action on CA Truck Waiver Requests   -  October 24, 2022
2022 Fall OTC and MANE-VU Stakeholder Meeting   -  September 21, 2022
Regional Air Quality and Other Information Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic  
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